Welcome to Ontario Masonry Training Centre

The Ontario Masonry Training Centre (OMTC) provides quality training for the brick and stone masonry trade through programs such as pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship.

There are a lot of reasons to pursue this trade! The industry needs new workers, you can make a good living and there are opportunities to advance your career path. Employment numbers for journeyperson masons are solid, and the long-range forecast is good. If you have the drive and a willingness to learn, opportunities for advancement are there for the taking.

As an apprentice bricklayer, you’ll be paid as you learn! You’ll find your trade to be a source of great personal pride – not only when you master new skills, but whenever you remember that the work you’ve done today will last for generations. You just might find that all those sensible reasons that first called you into the trade are overpowered by a new, compelling one: passion