Looking for extra help on your jobsite?

Through the starter programs offered here at the training centre, we are introduced to students who are just starting out in their quest to work in trades.

OYAP Student

This program offers high school students in grades 11 or 12 a chance to gain hands-on experience, similar to that of the job world.

OMTC will provide students with the basic skills to get started. They are required to complete an 8-week job placement, to assist in applying their new skills on a real job site.  This placement counts for one secondary school credit.

Fundamentals Graduate

This program offers the basic skills and knowledge required for those intending to pursue a career in masonry - individuals who are already working in a different trade field, those who have completed high school or those are looking for a career change.

After completing the 16-week program, graduates will be able to apply for jobs in masonry, or strive to get hired by an employer who will facilitate their training in order to apply for the apprenticeship program.

Pre-Apprenticeship Student

This program provides students with the necessary skills, tools, and equipment to prepare them for the required job placement.

Students are required to complete an 8-12 week job placement, in order to complete the program.  Students will, at mimimum, be paid minimum-wage.

Employers who hire these students will receive a government subsidy for participation in this program. Permanent placement upon program completion however, is not guaranteed.

To get connected with any of these students from any of these programs, please contact our office today!

To hire Apprentices, please visit or call the following job boards:

1. http://www.apprenticesearch.com/
2. http://www.hirewithconfidence.ca/
3. http://wearetrades.com/