Masonry work can be as simple as building a wall or as complex as installing an ornate exterior or constructing a skyscraper.

No matter what the job, the skill and precision required by a mason has yet to be replaced by machines. Every brick and block must be laid by hand.

A skilled mason also knows the different patterns, textures and colours that create an attractive finished product; therefore artistic skills are also a strong asset.

As with many construction trades, masonry work is primarily performed outdoors. They work in all weather conditions, and buildings are enclosed with protective sheeting during cold months which allows them to work year round, which provides stability in their income.

The work is very physical, involving the use of hand tools, power tools and material handling equipment.

It will also require healthy individuals with good stamina. Masons need to have good vision, spatial perception, hand-eye coordination and an ability to estimate size and dimensions.

They must also be able to read blueprints, understand building codes and be knowledgeable of industry safety guidelines and rules for handling hazardous materials. Because masons often work on scaffolds, they must also be comfortable working at heights.

Masons must also be able to work well, both individually and in teams under direct supervision.

To start this journey, you must be at least 16 years of age. Although Brick and Stone have a minimum requirement of Grade 8, a Grade 10 education or equivalent is recommended including a good command of written and spoken English and Mathematics.

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