About the Program:

This program is designed to offer participants entry into the refractory sector of the masonry industry.

The refractory sector is currently stating that they have shortages of labour and that there will be growing opportunities in this sector.


  • Apply Safe Working Practices & Procedures
  • Adapt Job Site Environment
  • Use & Maintain Refractory Tools & Equipment
  • Tear Out Refractory Masonry
  • Lay Refractory Brick
  • Install Poured Castables
  • Install Gunnable Castables
  • How To Install Lining With Ceramic Welding
  • How To Install Shotcrete
  • Install Refractory Material By Plastic Ramming
  • Install Ceramic Fibre Blanket & Modules

Pre-Requisite: Red Seal Certified Brick and Stone Mason

Date: TBD