How to become a "Registered Apprentice"

Apprenticeship Program is a combination of on-the-job training and in-school training, in which a registered apprentice must complete a total of 5,600 training hours.

Typically, the program will last between 3 to 5 years, an apprentice will be on-the-job training for 10 months and 2 months in-school.

In-school has three levels: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced.

Follow these steps to start your apprenticeship training!

Step 1:

Must be hired by a masonry employer, as an apprentice, to gain the on-the-job training part of the program.

  • No masonry employer? Please refer to the question “How do I find a masonry employer/sponsor?” in our FAQ page.

Step 2:

Contact the Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Development (MAESD) office.

  • MAESD will give a form called "Application for Apprenticeship Training" (AAT)
  • This form is now available online. To fill one out, click here
  • Apprentice will need to provide employer info, proof of age, proof of SIN, proof of education
  • Using the AAT form, MAESD will create a document called "Training Agreement"

Step 3:

Signing the "Training Agreement".

  • If apprentice has previous hours to put towards their training, it can be discussed during this process
  • Apprentices can also select the school they would like to attend during this processs
  • This document will need to be signed by the apprentice, employer and MAESD

Step 4:

Apprentice to pay Ontario College of Trades.

  • This will activate the “Training Agreement”
  • Must pay within 90 days, or will have to re-do steps 2 & 3
  • Must pay annually to keep agreement active, or will have to re-do steps 2 & 3

Step 5:

Congratulations! Apprentice is now Registered!

  • Contact our school to start the first level of in-school training
  • For our Training Schedule, click here!

Learn more about the Ontario Apprenticeship System - click here.